There are many benefits of getting cyprus passport by investment. There will be a quick track citizenship has accepted within three months. There are no Cypriot language exams. It will be a lifetime EU citizenship through the one-time lump-sum deposit. The pleasant climate for mild winters and warm summers is a boon. No physical residence needs. There are redeemable investment into real estate (no money wasting!).

No military service. You will get the best education, medical care, and low living costs. No limits on multiple citizenships (dual). The best option of investment is by Cyprus passport by investment for real estate. No taxes are dependent on citizenship, except dependent on the status of tax residents. A mix of investments permitted (real estate, shares, business, etc.) Proper education and health care program in the EU. No visa needed for travel to the UK, Singapore, EU Member States, Canada, etc. more than 160 countries. You can stay, work, research in 35 EU Member States that are (Switzerland, UK, Austria, France, Germany, Sweden, and so on.). Future children automatically gain EU citizenship.
• Political prosperity and a decent standard of living.
• Low rates of crime
• The fast application process to high approval ratings.
• Dependents, parents, and children under the age of 28 may include in a single application for citizenship.
• No obligation to relinquish existing nationality (dual citizenship openly allowed)
• Acquisition of residency in Cyprus shall not disclose to other countries.
• Very high acceptance rates.
2018 Changes
In 2018, the Government of Cyprus announced new changes to the system of citizenship. It has been called the Cyprus Investment Scheme as well as the scheme is limited to 700 applications a year.
The Cyprus passport by investment Program Supervisory and Control Committee, consisting of members from the bureau of Finance, its Ministry of the Interior but also Invest Cyprus, was formed based on a resolution of the Council of Ministers aimed at further enhancing the Cyprus Investment Programme. By 31 July 2018, all the applications for just the Cyprus Investment Program might issue on behalf of the candidates only to natural/legal entities registered with either the Registry of these Service Provider (Registry) just the Cyprus passport by investment Program.

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