The car rims refer to the inside edge where you mount your tire. It makes a circular design of the wheel to enable the tire to fit safely in the car. Before you decide on the car rim repair to make on your rim, it is important to note that, there are a variety of rims for cars that have various features. They also come in various sizes to suit individual needs.

The following are the essentials that you should know:
• Types of rims: Chrome rims have a great look and a bright finish on various cars. Although they don’t have any performance benefits, they are the most popular rims in the market. Alloy rims are made from magnesium or aluminum alloy metals. They can improve the vehicle, enhancing its look.
Steel rims used to be considered standard, but the alloy rims are phasing them out. Spinners refer to a special type of rims that have wheel hub spinning even after the vehicle has long stopped. They are only for an aesthetic look.
• Care for the rims: For chrome rims, you need to clean them using soap and water with a soft cloth. If you use a mild de-greaser with care, then you can easily use it. The rims have to be completely dry using a non-abrasive towel.
Chrome rims need to be cleaned regularly, especially during winter when chemicals and salt build upon them. Rims that are painted can be cleaned using a non-abrasive towel, water, and soap. To prolong the lifespan of such rims, you can apply wax.
Polished wheels have to undergo routine cleaning to prolong their life; they are bare metals which have no finish to protect them and thus when cleaning, you need to use a soft cloth. If care is adhered to, the rims will give you a great service.

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